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Always Great to Give Life with Univision

Our mission at Carter BloodCare is simple: to give life to the community by making blood transfusion possible. And we have been lucky enough to find people and organizations that are willing to support our mission year after year. Univision has been a long-time supporter of our mission and hosts drives each year to help us give life.

Univision Communications is an American Spanish Language television and radio network. Univision was founded in San Antonio, TX in 1962. Univision’s purpose is to provide Spanish-speaking Americans with entertainment such as telenovelas, sports, sitcoms, reality shows, news programming and more, and has the largest Spanish-language television viewership in the world.

Each year, our friends at Univision work with us to support our mission and help our message reach Spanish-speaking Texans who are willing to give life through blood donation, volunteering and more. This year, Univision hosted a blood drive at Town East Mall in Mesquite to help recruit donors during a three-day period.

The Univision drive took place Friday July 17 through Sunday July 19, and had a goal to get at least 36 donors to sign up each day. On Friday the 17th, 28 people stepped up to give life, followed by 76 more on Saturday and 64 on Sunday. In total, our Univision drive brought in 168 donors, 120 of whom were donating for their first time!

We have had four consecutive years of successful blood drives with Univision and look forward to continuing the tradition and friendship with them next year. If you or someone you know wants to help spread our message to the Spanish-speaking community, head to our Spanish language site and follow our Spanish Facebook page. For those in the DFW area, check out Univision on the radio at 99.1 FM and 107.8 FM to see when their next blood drive is in your area.

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How to Lower Your Cholesterol

We’ve all heard it before. Whether it is from our doctors, spouses, or the Internet, we have all heard the message that high cholesterol can lead to serious health issues. High cholesterol is a common issue among Americans, and if not kept under control, can increase your risk for  cardiovascular disease. Keeping cholesterol in check can be tough, hopefully these tips can help you manage your levels.

What Is Cholesterol?

According to the American Heart Association, cholesterol is a waxy substance that comes from your body and your food. Your liver makes all the cholesterol you need and circulates it through your blood. Excess cholesterol from foods can form plaque in blood vessels, and if it causes a blockage, can lead to a stroke or heart attack. There is both good and bad cholesterol, and you need to maintain the right levels in your blood to reduce health risks.

What Is an Ideal Cholesterol Level?

For adults age 20 and above, the desirable level is less than 200 mg/dL. Values of 200 to 239 mg/dL are borderline high risk and values above 240 mg/dL are considered high risk for cardiovascular disease. If your value is above 200 mg/dL you should consult with your physician who might want to do additional tests. For those under the age of 20, the desirable level is less than 170 mg/dL. Values of 170 to 199 mg/dL are borderline high risk and values above 200 mg/dL are considered high risk for cardiovascular disease. If your value is above the optimal level for your age group, you should consult with your physician who might want to do additional tests.

How Can I Lower My Cholesterol?

According to the Mayo Clinic (, there are a few lifestyle adjustments you can make to manage your cholesterol levels easily and naturally. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day 4-6 days a week can help you lose weight and make an impact on your cholesterol. Another effective cholesterol-lowering action is to quit smoking to improve HDL levels, often referred to as the good cholesterol. When it comes to alcohol, drink in moderation or stop completely. Weight also plays a role in cholesterol, so talk to your doctor about ways you can lose weight to take control of your overall health. Lastly, the simplest way to reduce cholesterol is by eating cholesterol-lowering foods.

What Are Some Cholesterol-Lowering Foods?

High-fiber foods are best at lowering cholesterol. Try adding more oats and beans to make your diet higher in fiber. If you’re thirsty, put down the soda and reach for some black tea, which is proven to lower LDLs, also known as the bad cholesterol. Salmon and other fatty fish are high in Omega-3 fats, which help promote healthy cholesterol. Want some indulgence? Try one glass of red wine or a small piece of dark chocolate, both known for their antioxidant powers. Need more help? Garlic, olive oil, nuts, spinach, and avocado are all proven fighters when it comes to battling your cholesterol.

When you give blood with us, we give you access to important health information including your total cholesterol levels. Keeping your health in check and making efforts to naturally lower cholesterol will make all the difference in your overall health.

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Navigating the Great Partners Rewards Store

When you give with Carter BloodCare, you are rewarded with more than just good karma. We believe in giving back to donors for giving so much to us. That’s why we developed our Great Partners Rewards program. Designed to give you rewards, gifts, and more, this is our way to show donors how much they mean to us, and we want to make sure you are always rewarded for giving life to your community.

How It Works

When you give blood with us, we give you a donation card with a brief snapshot of your health, ways to stay healthy after donation, and your login information for our Great Partners Rewards store. If you have never donated with us before, you will be prompted to create an account once you login to the store using the donor ID number on your card. From there, you have access to all of our rewards!

What Rewards You Can Expect

Each type of donation earns a different amount of points. Whole Blood and Plasma donations earn 100 points each, Platelets earn 150 points, and Double Red donations earn you 200 points. Points can be redeemed in the store for a variety of fun items we selected for our donors. The more points you earn, the more prizes you can choose from, including T-shirts, water bottles, gift cards to your favorite retailers, coolers, and the latest electronics.

   Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.38.13 PM

Don’t Miss Out on Experiences

Each month, we partner with teams, brands and more to bring you even more ways to get rewarded. Sometimes, our monthly partnerships feature a special giveaway, which can be anything from a branded squeezie to a themed t-shirt. Along with giveaways, each month you have the chance to enter to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From a suite night at a Dallas Mavericks game, to a year’s worth of free haircuts from Sport Clips, and more, each month is a new chance to enter to win fun adventures with Carter BloodCare.

What You Can Do with Your Points

If you want to give back, you can “donate” your points back to Carter BloodCare. These “donated” points go toward the costs of maintenance, remodeling, and new equipment that help us better give life to our community.

We love and appreciate our donors for giving us a life-saving resource that we could not get any other way. Great Partners Rewards is our small way to say thank you for giving life. If you have any questions about upcoming rewards or how the store works, or if you just can’t decide which awesome reward you want next, please call 877-869-4141.

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Hang Out with Carter BloodCare This July!

This July, we’re going pint for pint, inning for inning, and song for song. Join us all month long as we find fun new ways to give life to the community.

Pint for Pint
In July, when you give a pint, you get a pint! That’s right. Your donation this month lets you receive a free pint from your favorite grocery store. Now just decide what you will choose!

Join Elba Garcia’s Challenge
Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia is challenging two cities in her District 4 – Grand Prairie and Irving – to spread the word about blood donation to their communities this summer and recruit blood donors. Whichever city is able to recruit the most donors to register from June 9 through August 9 will win. Donors can give anywhere this summer and can choose which city they want to benefit, even if they don’t live there! Tell Carter BloodCare staff you’re giving for the Summer Blood Drive Challenge and say ‘Grand Prairie’ or ‘Irving’. The winning city will be announced at the Commissioner’s meeting on August 11, and all participants will receive a celebration invite for August 15!

Are you up for the challenge? Visit our website and find a donor center or blood drive where you can give for the Summer Blood Drive Challenge benefitting your chosen city. Good luck Grand Prairie and Irving!

Give Life with Univision
Join Univision at Town East Mall in Mesquite, July 17-19 from noon-6pm Friday  & Sunday, and 10am-6pm Saturday.  It’s a great chance to give life with one of our partners (and you can even get some shopping done afterwards)!

Stay tuned all month long to see more fun events and drives you can be a part of with Carter BloodCare!

Inspire Youth to Get Involved

The need for blood donations never goes away. Each day, new people require blood transfusions and past donated products are near expiration. Becoming a regular donor is a simple way to give back to the community, and people can begin giving blood as young as age 16 with Carter BloodCare (with parental consent). It is good to tell young people about the importance of giving blood, because we want to help inspire them to become lifelong donors with us.

So how do we do that?
At Carter BloodCare, we focus on reaching out to 16 to 24-year-olds to help them see how much they can positively affect the lives of others in their community by being a blood donor.

But we need your help!
Facts, rewards and other programs can only do so much, and we want youth to see the excitement generated from the possibility of making a difference in such a simple way. As parents, teachers, friends, youth ministers, and other role models, you know what it takes to reach younger people, and also know how to inspire them. We know students and young adults in Texas want to make an impact and help their community, but few of them realize how easy giving blood is and how much good it can do. That’s where you come in!

Let’s get them excited to give!
Students and young adults know the importance of doing good and how it can help their community and themselves, but they also enjoy convenience. That’s what is so great about giving blood; it is easy and convenient and it makes a positive impact in the community. Today, kids might take part in blood drives at their school, but don’t realize that they can give in other locations and at additional blood drives.

Whether they are looking to make a difference in someone’s life, want charity work for their college applications, or are just bored on a Saturday afternoon, giving blood is something students can easily do and feel good about. With the help of our Honor Cord Program and, we make it even easier to reward students for their generosity.

Now spread the word!
Talk to Millennials in your community and show them the benefits of giving blood for themselves and those around them. Show them how Carter BloodCare can reward them for giving life and inspire them to get their friends and schoolmates involved. Once they have the facts, it’s easy to show the younger generation how much of a positive impact they can make when they give life. Share this monthly promotion video to spread the word!

Fun Stuff

Get Ready for the Next Generation of Dallas Mavericks!

What’s better than watching your favorite Dallas Mavericks players achieve victory on the court? Watching your kids do the same with the skills they learned from the Mavericks themselves. That’s why Carter BloodCare teamed up with the Dallas Mavericks to send kids in our community to Mavs Hoop Camp.

Mavs Hoop Camp uses the best basketball coaching staff in Texas to teach your kids the fundamentals of the game. Camp members learn how to communicate with their teammates and coaches, and discover the value of sportsmanship and responsibility both on and off the court. The program was developed by the Dallas Mavericks to give kids a chance to improve their basketball talent and work with some of their heroes. The program is open to kids of all skill levels aged 8 to 14.

This year, Carter BloodCare was given the opportunity to send 21 sponsored kids to camp. As a way to reward our donors, we put together an online giveaway that allowed them to enter for a chance to send their child to this once in a lifetime opportunity. We saw a total of 76 entries from 35 donors hoping that their kid could learn from the best. Through our online giveaway, 8 lucky kids had the opportunity to go to camp. Camp staff selected the remaining 13 kids.

Every kid who attends Hoop Camp receives two tickets to a 2015-2016 pre-season Mavs game at American Airlines Center, a reversible Mavs camp jersey, camp progress reports, camp fit deck, and personalized trading cards. At the camp, each kid is entered into daily giveaways for more fun prizes and is given the opportunity to be taught by Mavs certified coaches.

Carter BloodCare is proud to partner with organizations like the Dallas Mavericks that focus on enriching the lives of our future generations. Together with Carter BloodCare, your child can become a Mavs Fan For Life and move one step closer to achieving their goals in life and on the court.