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The Stouts: A Family Tradition of Giving Blood

Allan Stout and his daughter Tareyn have been lifelong donors with Carter BloodCare. From making an annual stop at the Lone Star 92.5 KZPS blood drive, to organizing their own blood drives, the Stout family has a strong tradition rooted in giving back to their community. Now, Tareyn is on the other side of the fence, working with iHeart Media to put on the KZPS blood drive, and as always her dad is right there along with her.

When the Stout daughters were young, they were victims of an apartment fire. Despite the loss they went through, Allan made a point to show his girls all the people stepping up to help. He told them that it is always important to try and help others in your community, and often times you don’t have to go out of your way to do so. Allan instilled in his daughters a will to serve others.


Whether it is listening to his favorite artists, or supporting their efforts in the community, Allan has been a long-time fan of Lone Star 92.5. But Lone Star’s annual summer blood drives aren’t the only time he gives. No matter where he is, if Allan sees a blood drive, he makes a point to stop and donate blood.


Allan told us his love for giving blood began as a military kid, where he constantly saw the daily need. His generosity is a trait that has been passed along to his daughter, Tareyn. Tareyn began giving blood with her dad, before hosting blood drives herself at her high school. Once she graduated high school, Tareyn brought her love of giving into her college sorority, where she spearheaded multiple drives and worked to spread the word to her entire school. Now as a proud team member at iHeart Media, Tareyn is able to relive her childhood memories by taking part in the Lone Star 92.5 drive each year.


The Stout family always saw the way giving blood impacted the community. For Allan, he knows that when a disaster happens, affected areas receive a lot of money and supplies, but not enough people willing to give blood. Tareyn knows that while not everyone can give money, we all have it in us to give. For both of them, giving blood is the easiest way to help others and it takes little time out of their day. “It’s something so simple that you can do at your lunch hour,” says Tareyn, “and by doing so there are three people whose lives are changed.”


Now, Allan feels pride in his habit of giving, even bringing his donor card to the doctor’s office to prove he is on top of his cholesterol levels. He is proud that his daughter is carrying on his legacy and looks forward to seeing her help the community.


Stop by the Lone Star 92.5 KZPS blood drives at the following locations and meet the Stouts for yourself to hear their amazing story.


  • o   6/22 – Longhorn Harley-Davidson
  • o   6/23 –Maverick Harley-Davidson
  • o   6/24 – Billy Bob’s
  • o   6/25 – Billy Bob’s
  • o   6/26 – Lone Star Park
  • o   6/27 – Strikz


Head to to learn more about giving blood and to find blood drives coming to your community.

Events & News

Rock On & Give Life with Music Saves Lives

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving life through blood donations, and there’s nothing that brings people together as much as rocking out to their favorite artists. This summer, Carter BloodCare is giving blood donors the chance to give life and dance all night long with Music Saves Lives! From the chance to win tickets to their favorite concert series, to the reward they get from giving life, Carter BloodCare is here to give donors a rockin’ good summer!

What Is Music Saves Lives?

Music Saves Lives is an organization with the goal to increase awareness among young adults and teens, for life-saving causes. Each year, Music Saves Lives partners with community blood centers to give fans the chance to win tickets to sponsored events by donating blood. Music Saves Lives combines the love that teens and young adults have for music and festivals, with the satisfaction each person feels when they give back to the community.

This summer, Carter BloodCare is getting on stage with Music Saves Lives to give donors the chance to see their favorite music festival. Donors and fans collide with the chance to win tickets to the Vans Warped Tour if they give life-saving blood with Carter BloodCare.

Blood donors will have the chance to win one of 15 pairs of VIP tickets to the Vans Warped Tour. To enter, donors need to login to their Great Partners Rewards account [link] and redeem points for the chance to win tickets of their choice, or visit their local Carter BloodCare donor center for random discount and pass giveaways!

This summer, head to to learn more about the importance of giving blood in your community and login to your Carter BloodCare Great Partners Rewards account to see how easy it is for you to enter for the chance to see your favorite artists live with Carter BloodCare and Music Saves Lives.

Where Does My Blood Go?

Each time a donor steps into a Carter BloodCare donor center or blood drive, they start a chain reaction that leads to saving lives in the community. Once it leaves your body, donated blood goes through a lot of steps before it is ready to be transfused into a patient in need. At Carter BloodCare, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality blood products and hold ourselves to steep standards; doing our part to see that each transfusion has the best opportunity for success.

Check out our infographic below to see what process your blood goes through, and be sure to schedule your next appointment to give so your blood can take the journey:


See the Spanish version here.

Ten Tips to Avoid Springtime Allergies

Is there anything more enjoyable than Texas in the spring? With the beautiful weather, longer days, and fun outdoor activities, no one wants to be stuck inside. Allergies become a big issue in the spring, with flowers blooming and spreading their sneeze-causing pollen in the air. Here are a few tips to make sure you avoid hay fever and stay healthy all season long.

Filter Your Indoor Air

Your air conditioning has been taking a break over the winter, and building up dust while doing so. Before you turn up the AC, make sure you’re blowing clean air in your home. Air filters should be changed every three months to remove dust, pollen and other allergen build up. This will help you breathe clearly all season long.

Goodbye Dust

When pollen counts are high, it’s time to break out the vacuum. Try vacuuming your home at least once or twice a week to remove allergens. And don’t forget to dust! Grab your duster and clean off any surfaces where dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other allergens collect (especially fan blades) so you’re not breathing in last season’s filth.

Take a Natural Approach

For a natural approach, local honey is full of local pollens, and eating it can help you build up immunities to allergens in your area. For allergy-bashing supplements, spirulina, eyebright, and bromelain are all proven to work almost as well as over-the-counter antihistamines.

Watch Pollen Counts

Pollen counts are highest in the mornings from 5-10 a.m., and are especially high on windy days. During these times, it is best to stay indoors with windows and doors closed. Visit the National Allergy Bureau site [link:] to learn of the allergen risks in your air.

Eat Right

Foods high in antioxidants help battle allergies and inflammation. Blueberries, green tea, and pomegranates are delicious foods high in antioxidants. Foods rich in Omega-3s, such as fish and walnuts, are also great at combatting the sniffles.

Load Up the Laundry

After you’ve vacuumed and dusted the whole house, it’s time for fabrics. From clothes in your drawers and closet, to the sheets on your bed, all your linens need to be washed. This will prevent pet hair, dander, dust, and other allergens from keeping you up at night. For upholstery, look up the proper ways to clean each fabric and you will be breathing clean air all spring.

Remove Mold

Mold is a huge suspect when it comes to allergies. Go over every nook and cranny in your bathroom to stop mold in its tracks, and have a plumber come immediately if you notice leaks anywhere in the home. Don’t forget to wash your bathmat regularly to eliminate mold growth.

Clean Out the Kitchen

Scrub the inside of your fridge and freezer, where mold can form, with a bleach solution. Add salt to your drip tray to slow the mold-growth process. Since bugs are out and about, make sure your food is safe. Put all foods in airtight containers, and get rid of foods that have gone bad.

Keep the Outdoors Out

Once you come inside, change your clothes so the allergens collected on what you wore outside don’t linger. Before you go to sleep, take a shower to rinse all of the outdoor pollens away. All shoes should be kept by the door and not worn inside, where they track in dirt and dust.

Find the Right Meds

Talk to your doctor about your allergy history and what seasonal allergies affect you most. Have them recommend an over-the-counter solution to help you stay healthy all season long. For days when your allergies are out of control, consider a Neti pot to flush out your sinuses and help you take a deep breath.

College Gallon Challenge: Which School Will Give The Most

The Carter BloodCare College Gallon Challenge is once again proud to host 56 individual drives along with its partners at participating colleges and universities, all in the hopes of doing double the good. This year, however, we want you to help your local university rise to the top by taking part in their scheduled drives.

So what is the College Gallon Challenge? Three years ago, our friends at Tyler Junior College (TJC) challenged themselves to do more good with a 50 Gallon Challenge. Their goal? To have students, faculty and staff donate at least 50 gallons of blood through Carter BloodCare blood drives. Thanks to those generous students, the College Gallon Challenge became a beloved tradition that now includes more schools throughout Texas. Fast forward, and now, for each gallon of blood that is donated, Carter BloodCare pledges to donate that same amount of water to a charity of the school’s choice.

Last year was the first year the Challenge expanded outside of TJC. During its run, the College Gallon Challenge saw more than 1,900 donors who gave at 54 different blood drives. Working hard to keep their title, TJC donated the most with 481 donors giving a total of 52 gallons, beating their yearly 50-gallon record. Check out our Twitter account, @carterbloodcare, to see how schools are competing with one another in a new hashtag contest this year!

For the 2015 College Gallon Challenge, we have 56 scheduled drives throughout North, Central and East Texas, with some participating schools hosting multiple drives to meet their goals. We are projected to collect up to 333 gallons of blood, meaning Carter BloodCare will be giving 333 gallons of water to deserving charities across the state.

Click here to see a list of College Gallon Challenge blood drives!

Since each blood donation is roughly one pint, it takes eight donations to make one gallon, meaning schools need to work hard to meet their goal. Sign up at your nearest College Gallon Challenge blood drive today to take part in this growing tradition and help your local college make it to the top!

Fun Stuff,

The Best of April Fools’ Day 2015

April Fools’ Day, or April 1, is a day when people all over the world pull pranks, make jokes, and just do what they can to fool others and get a laugh. It is always fun to prank around with your friends, but some of the best pranks are the ones that come from some of our favorite brands! Here are a few that gave us a big laugh this April Fools’ Day. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!

Funny or Die: Dips
Will Ferrell’s viral comedy website got everyone believing that he was releasing hilarious looping videos featuring celebrities. While this would be a great idea, the concept was that the videos were less than 2 seconds long. He got stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears, and Conan O’Brien to participate and fool us all. Don’t worry, though, Will has released an apology for getting our short hopes up.

Planet Fitness: Reclinomax
Planet Fitness is known for saying it doesn’t like “gymtimidation.” It takes a casual approach to fitness so everyone can feel comfortable while they work out. Well they took that comfort further with their new Reclinomax: a recliner that has weights and equipment attached to make working out more comfortable. Honestly, we wish this one was real.

Oreo: Double Crunch
Known for its excellent use of Twitter, Oreo brand decided to go the simple route by only releasing a tweet announcing their new product. After the popularity of the Double Stuf Oreos, they went with Double Crunch: The same amount of filling as a regular Oreo but cookies that were twice as thick, for those hoping to get maximum cookie with their milk. This is unfortunately a hoax, but we can keep dreaming for it to come true.

Pizza Hut: Pepperoni Pilsner
The famed pizza brand decided to get its fans both excited and disgusted at the same time by releasing a fake commercial. Their newest product? Pepperoni Pilsner, made with real tomatoes, garlic, and pepperoni. The commercial was shot in a real brewery and even featured people tasting the new brew. Most people knew (and hoped) it was a joke, but a few of their fans are asking where they can get a case of this new concoction.

Rihanna Vs. Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel is known for pulling pranks that nearly everyone falls for. Some of his most famous include parents pretending to eat their kids’ Halloween candy, and making the world think wolves were at the Sochi Olympics. When she visited his show, pop star Rihanna decided it was Jimmy’s turn to be pranked. Along with Jimmy’s own crew, she snuck into his home while he was asleep and woke him up with strobe lights, blaring music, and threw confetti on him, followed by her jumping on his bed. Needless to say, the prankster was successfully pranked.