Summer’s coming. And so are the Rewards!

School’s out and summer is in! This is good news for some, but not-so-good news for the summer blood supply. High school and college blood drives stop for the summer, and many of our donors are on vacation, or just too busy. It’s also a time when more blood is needed. Road accidents are on the rise, and more surgeries are scheduled. And who can forget last year’s triple-digit heat. Several blood drives were shut down as a result.

To help keep our summer blood supply strong, donors are encouraged to make (and keep) their appointments to give blood over the next three months. And in return, you’ll get in on some sweet summer rewards, including Texas Rangers in June, Blue Bell in July, and exciting pro sports action in August. We’re calling this summer the Great American Give. And in addition to our summer promotions, don’t forget the points you earn every time you give! (Even 50 bonus points for every scheduled appointment you keep!) You can redeem those points for summer items, including Rangers gear, Blue Bell pint koozies and more.

So here’s to a fun and safe summer for all our Texas communities. And thank you in advance for giving!


  1. the is not working

    • Jennifer – if you click on “Great American Give” in the article if will take you to that page. You’re right, there’s a problem with the URL today, but we’re working on it. Hope this helps!

  2. I plan to give all 3 months hopefully more then once each month with platelets! Wonderful rewards CBC!!! Thanks!!! But saving lives is the BEST REWARD!!! : )

  3. I am up for donation now, i will head to the Keller location tomorrow afternoon.

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